MacroStrategies is built around the expertise of international businessman, strategic thought leader, aviator and retired Air Force Colonel Robert Charles Gaylord. 

For 30 years he provided comprehensive studies and advice to senior members of the US government.  His unique ability to understand global risk and its consequences on energy and strategic commodity markets caused him to move from principal advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force for Saudi Arabia, to Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Terrorism, Mideast Policy, Latin America policy and global energy markets.  As an international business executive he led companies in the US, Latin America and Europe.  Today he advises senior executives on energy markets, strategic commodities and global risk factors and is an expert on international security and counter-terrorism especially as it applies to the commercial aviation and maritime transportation industries. 

He serves as international aviation, security and energy market advisor to NBC News and has appeared on the Today Show as well as CBS Eye On America.