In business and investing, sometimes you need a second opinion. And often, it helps to have several. Reliable information is critical when you risk capital in the global marketplace. 

Oil and energy interests, transportation companies, international business leaders, traders, investors and market makers all anchor their professional judgement on proprietary tools, market intelligence and good advice. Access to trustworthy research and seasoned advice is crucial, but it is also expensive.

What if you could put someone on your team able to provide strategic market advice, 24/7, for a fraction of what it would cost to run the research on your own?  What if you could access a expert second opinion to verify your own research and market forecasts?

MacroStrategies gives you an insiders view on the strategies, risks and security issues that directly affect global markets and your decision process.  We specialize in three portfolios:  Global energy markets, transportation and international security strategies for businesses, investors, market makers, aviation and maritime interests. 

Your MacroStrategies advisor is part of your team, able to advise you 24/7, meet with your staff, provide expert advice for your use and meet personally with your investors to help them better understand the markets they are buying. 

We can help your team devise business strategies that work for the long term and ensure you have survive and prosper strategies for turbulent markets and crisis events.

We strive to make the challenge of understanding global market forces and international risk factors easy and affordable with personal advice and research that doesn't make empty promises.  Don't chase the markets - understand and anticipate them!