At MacroStrategies we empower companies and investors with the knowledge they need to understand global markets and the international risk environment that drives them.  We interact with government and private experts to ensure we see what they see.  We don't chase markets, we understand and anticipate them over the long term.

We've been doing exactly that for over 20 years for clients as diverse as the US Government, energy companies, trading companies, securities firms, currency traders, investment banks, airlines, hedge funds and maritime interests. 

We use the principles of macroeconomics to guide our in-depth knowledge of current market forces, historical market trends, international politics and global risk factors to help you understand and anticipate strategic markets.

Our specific expertise in oil and energy markets, aviation and maritime transportation, global security policy, intelligence and risk management enables us to advise clients on how to understand, anticipate and survive international security risk  and fluctuating energy markets.